Showin' YOU Some LOVE

Friday, February 1, 2013

In honor of Valentine's Day I wanted to show all my followers some LOVE so I will be posting a FREEBIE everyday until February 14th!  
The daily freebie will be posted for only 24 hours so you need to follow my blog and store so you don't miss out! 
 Today's FREEBIE is my favorite Valentine project!
(I blogged about it last year and since I am still on maternity leave I will have to use the pictures from last year to tell you about it.)
I wanted to share this freebie first because they make a GORGEOUS February bulletin board. 
Students will use the tree map to write 5 people they love, 5 places they love, and 5 things they love. 
Here is my list: 
5 People I LOVE - Ellie (my beautiful 5 year old daughter), Avenly (my newborn baby) my hubby, my mother, my father
5 Places I LOVE - Starbucks, Cheesecake Factory, Pizza Hut (I am on a post-pregnancy diet), the gym, school.
5 Things I LOVE - Bella and Marley (our 2 boxer puppies), candy, books and boardgames

After completing their tree map, I gave students the heart template provided and they divided their heart into sections to write all of their nouns in. The middle heart is reserved for their name (I had to blur that part out).
Then students used watercolors to paint each section of their heart and when their art was dry we traced it with a black marker and VOILA a beautiful display! 

Come by tomorrow for the next FREEBIE! 

Happy Valentines Day!


Megan said...

I love this activity! I pinned it last year, and have been eagerly anticipating it for awhile! Any tips on how you got your kids to draw the right number of evenly spaced lines to make their hearts look so nice?

Angie Neal said...

Hi Megan,
I am glad this is something you can use in your class! I just modeled on my example for the kids how to make the spaces the right size and most did great. I had a few that struggled but they looked so neat when they were all hanging because they all looked so different. I wish I had more pics to share.

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