Build A Word - Valentine Style

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hey Everyone! Here is the FREEBIE of the day! It is a fun word building activity that also incorporates math, YEAH! With this activity students use the letters in Valentine to build words. Each letter has a number value so students then use the values to write a number sentence. You could make this a class contest, the student who comes up with the highest value word wins! I also included a Valentine Word Search because you just know you are going to have that one kid who finishes building their words in 5 seconds flat, so run these pages back to back and keep them busy.

 For those of you who missed the 14 days of freebies, you are in luck because I just bundled all of the activities and posted in on TpT. This MEGA Pack has over 100 pages of February activities/printables and games to address the CORE standards with your K-1 kids. 
You can purchase each item separately for $2 but the MEGA Pack with all 15 packets is posted for only $12! Check it out here!


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