Busy Day....BUT I Didn't Forget the Freebie!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Sunday everyone! We have been so super busy today, but I would never forget to get the FREEBIE posted! Today is a little something with ten frame. Before you say "My kids are WAY past ten frame!" take a look at the resource. It has a double ten frame math mat and ideas on using ten frame for addition. I have also provided two practice pages that would be perfect for a math station! ENJOY! 

In totally unrelated news, my five year old daughter lost her first tooth yesterday! Let me tell you, I can handle all the blood, vomit, boogers etc... all that fun stuff that comes with young children HOWEVER for some reason teeth freak me out! I hate when the kids come up with a tooth just dangling or even worse show me their little tooth that just fell out still covered in blood, I swear my stomach just does FLIPS, it is horrible. So when we went to the dentist and they said she would be loosing a few teeth very soon I was not excited. 

So yesterday I suggested instead of sitting there with her fingers in her mouth wiggling it maybe she should try eating an apple. Well it fell out...and she swallowed it! She was traumatized! (I know what your thinking, good job mom!) She was so worried that the tooth fairy was not going to give her money so we had to write a letter to the fairy and explain ourselves. I also printed her my free tooth fairy craftivity and she made her own little tooth fairy that she fell asleep with.

Everything turned out OK because the fairy left her a note and she was so excited this morning as she came running into my room at 5:00 AM! The fairy only gave her $2 and I am little worried that she may find that other kids at her school get paid much more for their teeth. The tooth fairy must have won the lottery since I was a kids because when I was little we got 50 cents and that was only if you were able to find all the nickels and dimes LOL! Now my students come to school and tell me how they get $5 - $10! WHAT?!

How much does your tooth fairy pay?

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful evening, see you tomorrow :) 
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