I LOVE First Graders!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

As many of you already know, I am on maternity leave but only have ONE WEEK LEFT!!! AAHHHH! I am SO sad to be leaving my baby to go back to work, but I feel so fortunate to have had this time to be home with her. 
I am slowly trying to prepare to go back to work so I have been doing something small each day to get ready to go back. Yesterday I decided to log on to my school email and start cleaning out my inbox. (My sub check the emails but does not delete anything so when I come back I can catch up) There were TONS of emails and as I was quickly reading and deleting, I came across this:
Really?! I swear I laughed for about 20 minutes. (I absolutely LOVE this little girl, she is so mature, smart and just amazing.) I have never received an email from a current student and I love the subject line :) It is little things like this that remind me of how much I love this age group. 

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Mama Pearson said...

That is precious! They are so funny aren't they. Good luck going back to work.

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