Dental Health FREEBIE!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

As part of our Dental Health Unit students will become little scientist to discover what happens to our teeth when we eat different types of food/drinks. Students will conduct the experiment and document their discoveries along the way. There "EGGsperiment" will be displayed on a display board, two file folders glued together. Here is a sample of what the display will look like.
To begin the EGGspirement students will be told that we are going to use an egg as a pretend tooth and we will talk about why an egg makes a good tooth substitute (outer shell is like the enamel of our tooth). We will then brainstorm different types of food/juices that might stain or have an affect on our teeth. Each "team" (a group of 4 students) will choose which food/drink they would like to complete the experiment with. They will then write their question ex: Is soda bad for teeth? or Will soda stain my teeth? Each students will write their own hypothesis in step 2 ex: Mark thinks that soda is bad for teeth and can stain them. Sarah thinks that soda is good for teeth and will not stain them etc... Students will then get a hard boiled egg (1/team) and a cup with the liquid of their choice (1/team). Students will submerse their egg in the liquid overnight. The next day students will document their findings and attempt to clean their egg by brushing it with a toothbrush and toothpaste. (Don't forget to take a picture of this for the display board) Students will put their egg back into their liquid for one more night and return tomorrow to document their experiment. As a team, students will write a conclusion to their experiment detailing their findings.
(I will have one group choose to experiment with vinegar. The kids are amazed by what happens with this liquid!)
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Dental Health Unit for Science Night

We have our annual Science Night coming up in January at our school. Our first grade team has decided to do a Dental Health Unit! I have created a Totally Teeth Book for each student to have displayed at their desk and each table will also have a science "Eggsperiment" displayed. After learning all about teeth, students will discover the effects that different types of foods/drinks have on their teeth.
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In the totally teeth unit students will discover the parts of the tooth and create a diagram of a tooth, students will learn about which types of foods are good/bad for teeth, students will make a toothbrush with "Tips for Teeth", students will learn all about the different types of teeth and where they are located in their mouth and finally after reading "Throw Your Tooth on the Roof- Tooth Traditions from Around the World" students will write about the diverse tooth traditions around the globe.

Third Quarter Math

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It has been awhile since I have posted but what an amazing Christmas we had here! Now I am back to work creating math resources for the CORE Math Standards. I just uploaded Unit 9 to TpT! This unit is meant for the beginning of 3rd Quarter and contains a 3rd Quarter Pre Assessment. I am excited about teaching 3D shapes this quarter but thought it appropriate to review 2D shapes and geometry vocabulary before we jump into 3D shapes. This unit also works more on comparing numbers and my favorite, word problems. Each math unit includes everything you need for 10 days of instruction including a daily lesson plan, worksheet for students (one side is guided practice and the other is review of prior concepts), math facts flashcards, game templates, assessments, a problem of the day sheets. 
I am also available with any questions just email me at and I will get back to you ASAP. Here is a sample lesson from Unit 9 so you can get a look at it.

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