No, David

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I have updated this link with a freebie! Click here to get there.

"No, David" is one of our favorite books to begin the year or use anytime we need a little review of what our classroom expectations are. One corner of our classroom is devoted to David and our school rules. 
We read the book several times then the students chose one rule they thought was especially important to them and they typed their rule during Computer Lab time. Then each student created a picture of David and they turned out AMAZING! We had so much fun with David this year that we decided to use iMovie to create a short video of David following the rules and showed the video to the entire school. How FUN! If you would like to view the video you can see it on my classroom webpage. The poster shown above was printed at Staples. I used PhotoShop to edit the title to fit our lesson and class.


Erika Walls said...

Hi Angie,
I am in love with this idea of the personalized "No David" poster! You are definitely a talented techy. I would love to print a similar poster for my class, however I don't have photoshop AND am not techy. Here's a long shot: Would you be able to change the class to "Mrs. Walls' class" on your digital copy and send it to me? I would gladly pay you for your time! Can't hurt to ask!!!

KndergartenKim said...

Can you send me the video your link went to a blank page?
You are so talented

Juls said...

Perfect lesson for benning of the year. Can you send me the link to view the video?
It took me to a blank page :(
Love ur idea!

Jamie Roberts said...

Hi! Cute idea! Do you have a pattern that you used for your David? If so, can you send a copy of it to my email

Thanks! Looking forward to doing this! The kids would love it!

Anonymous said...

I love this! Can you send me the pattern of David to my email

Anonymous said...

Could you also send me a David pattern to Thank you soooo much this is too cute!!!

Natale s said...

I would love the pattern too! Love this idea! My email is

Anonymous said...

I love this idea as well. I work with preschoolers and they love the David books. I would love to have a pattern of David if you have the time to email it to me.

lyf2srt said...

Hello!!! Awesome TLC!! May I too have the dimensions/pattern for the art? And I'll also be ever so grateful for a poster copy as well. My email is

Thank you very much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love! Love! Love this idea! I would love the pattern as well! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Sooooo cute! My kindergarteners LOVE David! Who doesn't??? I would love the pattern of David, if you don't mind. My e-mail address is:

Thank you for being so creative and sharing your creativeness! :)


SS Wilson said...


I will be teaching for the first time this year, and I really like the David first day idea. Would it be possible for you to email me the lesson plan so that I could possibly implement it in my class.



Anonymous said...

Love this! I too would love the template for the "book cover" for classroom rules. you are so talented!

JackandWillsmom said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! It will make a wonderful activity for the first day of school and I can't wait to try it out! Do you have a how to for creating the poster? My email is

Thank you again,


Jennifer said...

Any chance you could send me a copy of your David template please?! I would greatly appreciate it and it will be so awesome and unique in our room!!


Anonymous said...

Hi!! This is such a GREAT idea! Could you please send me the template and the digital copy of the sign you used for the display? Greatly appreciate it!! My email is

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! Can you send a template to my email as well!
Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I too would love a copy of David pattern. I'm not the artistic teacher so I must beg, borrow, and ask. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Like the teachers above, I would love a copy of the David template. I already had this book scheduled for the first day of school, and this project will fit perfectly. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Anonymous said...

Could you send me a copy of your David template and the school rules pattern. My e-mail is I would like to use this with my kindergarteners.

Bethie said...

Can you email the how to for the poster and if there is a template for the David?

Anonymous said...

Circle for head. Rectangle for shirt. 1/2 circle for mouth. Squares for teeth. Long skinny rectangles for strips on shirt. Skinny black rectangles for hair. I hope this helps.

Angie said...

I posted the templates as free downloads on TpT! The poster is available for $2!

Angie said...

I have posted the template as a freebie on TpT stop by and grab it! Don't forget to follow my TpT store for more great freebies!!!

Angie said...

I have it posted on TpT for FREE!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you email the link for your NoDavid video?

Amanda said...

Love this! I bought your poster download. Can't wait to do this with my class in September. Thank you.

Joni said...

I can't wait to do this the first day of Kindergarten. can you please send me the pattern too? and Thank you so much!

Kristin said...

Hi Angie, I went on TPT and I cannot find the David template. Would you be able to send it to me via email?
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I would love the pattern for David. Can you please e-mail it to me Thanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie, I would love to see the video you posted of your class. I went to the link and it wasn't there. Could you send it to my email? I can't wait to do this next week with my kids :)
Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I loveeee this idea. Can I please have the david pattern?

Kristen said...

Great idea. Can I have the link to your video, please.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Where is TpT? What is that a website, something on Pinterest, or something on your web page?

Anonymous said...

I would love a link to your video. Such an awesome idea!!!

O FISH ally a First Grader (Corinna) said...

I just ran across your blog and I'm now one of your newest followers! I teach first grade too! Monday is our first day of school and I'm excited and nervous all at the same time! Good luck to you this school year!


Mary Hamer said...

Would love the pattern and link as well! Thank you so much for sharing you wonderful talent!

Mary Hamer said...

Unknown said...

Hi Angie,

I am looking on TPT and can't find it. Can you tell me what your seller name is on TPT. Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...


I would love a copy of your David template to use with my year one class. I don't know what TPT is. You you please send it to
Thannks for the great idea!


Anonymous said...

Loved this idea!I just started working with a gr.1 class that loves David, but could also use a review of classroom rules. Could you please send me a copy of the template for the art and a link to the video, as the one listed was not available. is my email
Thanks so much,

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to get the link to your video? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE a copy of your David pattern as well! This is PRECIOUS! Thank you so much for sharing! My e-mail is

Anonymous said...

I too love this idea and would love your pattern of David if you have the time to send it. I would be willing to pay for the pattern. My email is Thanks for sharing the idea!

Anonymous said...

I also would love the pattern. My email is
Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

This looks super fun....could you send me the
Thank you so much!!

Janelle said...

Would you please send me the pattern for David? Thanks,

Shantell Richardson said...

Can you send me a pattern of David please? I would love to use this for the new school year.


JenaShankle said...

Can you send me the template for David?

Also, I love the poster. Do you happen to have one without the class name?

Thank you sooo much!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love this idea Im teaching kindergarten for the first time in 9 years!! Can I have the david template as well!!

Anonymous said...

I am a guidance counselor and I love this idea. Can you send me a pattern of David?
Thank you
Janis Soper

Anonymous said...

Can you send me a pattern of David?
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie, I know you are probably getting tired of the same question but I am moving down to 1st grade next year and love all your creative ideas!! Can I also get a pattern of David? Also...where did you get the bee template for your class web page?

Thanks Angie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie, I would love to get a copy of your link to the video.
Thanks so much!

Christie said...

Hello :) I love this idea! Could you please send me a copy of your David pattern?

Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would love the template to your poster. I looked for it on TpT but couldn't find it. If so, can you please send it to

Anonymous said...

I really love this idea and would love to implement it in my classroom. Could you please send me the poster template and also the David template? I would really appreciate it.

Erin Moran said...

Can u send it to me. Thanks. Love it!! You are so creative!

Anonymous said...

I would love the template for David. Could you please send it to me? It would be much appreciated.

Marlin Toepp said...

Love this entire lesson! I'm unable to see the video but would love to...could you please send me a link to view it? I would also very much appreciate a template of David and as well as the poster if you don't mind. Thanks so much!!!

Chrissy Trevino said...

Great idea..could you please send me the David

Anonymous said...

Could you please send me the template for David. It's adorable!!

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I would love the David template, too.

lisa marthaller said...

I love this idea and read this book in my room. we do a chart called peace makers and rule breakers and we brain storm ideas to go with each. would love to make this and show the link. However, the link DOES NOT work for me. it says not found-ERROR. help please! thank you!

Libbie Peters said...

This is such a wonderful lesson! I was worried trying to think of fun ways to refresh my 1st graders on the rules and expectations when we come back from winter break, and this is perfect! They love David. I cannot wait to try this.
Thank you for sharing!

Libbie Peters
Margaret Wills Elementary

Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea for the start of the year..learning the rules of the roost.. Could someone please, send the David template to Thanks!!!

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