Fall Party

Sunday, October 23, 2011

With this Friday being the Friday before Halloween, our first grade team is having our Fall Party. I know it's a school day early but...
1. Monday/Halloween is our "Candy Corn Celebration Day" check out that packet at my TPT store!
2. I don't "party" on Monday!
Anyway..back to the Fall Party Post, each teacher chooses an activity and the classes rotate through the different rooms. It is so fun to get a feel for your teammates class. I always feel so happy when I get my kids back (not that they are any better or worse they just know my expectations, rules, etc.. and I know their names). My activity this year is going to be Sight Word BINGO. I am going to put a bank of sight words on the board and let students pick which words they want to put on their BINGO boards. Note: Have them write their words with a marker, you always get those 1 or 2 kids who are secretly attempting to change their boards mid-game :) Click here to get this activity for your class.


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