Whoooo Am I?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Whoooo Am I? We just spent some time learning about several different types of owls. The kids were so intrigued by them! After collecting facts and creating a mini-book about the different types of owls the students were challenged to pick one owl and write about it. They were given the owl wings and asked to write one clue about their owl on each wing. Then they got the owl body and wrote the answer in the middle. They attached the wings with brad clips. I told the kids to keep their owl a secret so that they can give their clues to the class and we would try to guess which owl they picked, they were HILARIOUS trying to hide their owls from each others inquiring eyes. The kids had such a great time and they wanted to take their owls home but then how would I create this adorable bulletin board? We compromised and decided to have them hang up for just a week. I posted the black lines and mini-book here if you would like to do this fun unit with your kiddos!

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