Grandparent's Day

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sunday is National Grandparents Day so today we took a little time to celebrate our Grandparents! I don't have a ton of extra time so we had to keep it simple. These adorable printables are from Cara Carroll. It is from her Precious Parents Packet.

We began whole-group by creating a Bubble Map with adjectives describing our Grandma's. We have just begun learning about adjectives and my kiddos did an amazing job! I really loved the word "generous" :) When we were finished brainstorming, I had the kids choose a crayon and circle three adjectives that describe their grandma.

We then flipped our paper over to make a circle map of things that we like to do with our grandma. (Sorry it's not fancy) The kids then circled two things that they like to do with their grandma. 
(I have two colors because many of my students have 2 Grandmas so we made 2 different cards) 
(This is my paper, don't judge, I spelled shopping wrong. The best part of teaching first grade is that no one in class calls you out on it!)

We used the following sentence frames.

Dear Grandma,
You are _____, ______ and _______. I like when we ______ and ______. I love you. 

Seriously these cards are the cutest thing EVER and I know that their Grandparents are going to just treasure these beautiful cards. 


Happy Days in First Grade said...

Love the Grandparents Day activities! :)

First Grade Shashay

Bekki@a better way to homeschool said...

I love your grandparents day activity. I bet every grandparent would love receiving a letter like those.
Really cute:).

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