Marzano Student Rubric

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our school district has adopted a new teacher evaluation tool this year. I just had my formal lesson observation and a HUGE part of the new evaluation tool emphasizes the idea of having students use a rubric to assess their learning throughout a lesson. 

This is not something new in my classroom, I am always asking students to show me their understanding of our learning goal on a scale of 1-4 but I wanted to create a visual for the students to reference and I wanted my administrator to have an idea of what we were referring to when the kids showed me their level of understanding. 

  I kept the rubric super simple with kid-friendly language. 
Of course I have the BEE theme going on in my classroom but I am going to be making a circus theme one soon for my teaching neighbor next door. Any other theme I need to make?


melissaolemiss said...

Could you do a simple star theme? My classroom is Dr. Seuss but I think stars is a good basic theme for a lot of classrooms and that can work with other themes. Thank you! Love these posters!

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE the circus one!!!

Paula said...

I would love a frog one! :-)

Unknown said...

Any monsters theme?

Polka Dot Teacher said...

Do you have these in Owl theme?

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