April Fool's Day!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Have you seen Lesson Plan SOS's April Fool's Joke?!

 I tried it today, and it was AWESOME! I firmly believe that teachers should receive some kind of bonus pay for showing up on April Fool's Day! Listening to young children tell April Fool's Jokes all day is EXHAUSTING! 

But if you can't escape beat them...join them! 

I told the kids all day that if they were well behaved and tried their best I would give them a brownie at the end of the day. They were so excited, they called me the "best teacher ever!" They were well behaved all day anticipating their brownie! When they walked back in from specials today they found this on their desk
There was a (quick) moment of silence as the students tried to comprehend what had just happened, then the protests began!
  "Hey, we thought it would be the kind of brownies we could eat!"
They were so cute and my one little guy said "You got me Mrs. Neal, you really got me!"
Of course I felt bad, so I gave them real brownies.
Oh how I love Cosmic Brownies!  
Thanks Lesson Plan SOS for the awesome idea, if you have not been by their blog stop 
 by and check out some of their amazing ideas. 

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