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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hello All! I apologize for my blogging hiatus, I was super busy HAVING A BABY! We welcomed our new baby girl into the world on November 18th and she has been all consuming. I am so in love! Now that we are on somewhat of a schedule, I have been able to get some work done during nap times. So it's back to work!

So I had a huge desire to create this packet, let me explain...Our school is very old and it is an outside school so when we walk out our doors we walk around these grassy courtyards to go everywhere. Well, these courtyards are home to MANY gophers and the kids are just convinced they are groundhogs! Many times as we are walking to specials the gophers will come out of their holes and the kids, as you can imagine, go WILD. We have had to convince them that they are going to "scare away the groundhogs" if they don't be quiet, so then we have a class tiptoeing down the hall, whatever works, right! I am sure the groundskeepers don't appreciate our little "groundhog" friends but it works for the teachers :)  
 So in honor of the upcoming holiday and all the little "groundhog" critters at my school, I have created a Groundhog Day Fun Packet with math, literacy and art activities. Some of the activities included are
  • Mystery Messages from Punxsutawney Phil
  • Graphing and Data Analysis
  • Groundhog Probability
  • Groundhog Ten Frame
  • Roll and Cover Addition Game
  • Groundhog Vocabulary
  • Tree Map and Circle Map
  • Word Search
  • BINGO 
This really fun Groundhog Art project and Fact Book! WHEW! That should keep our little kiddos busy! 
  I just bought the book "Groundhog Weather School" so cute! Full of factual information about groundhogs while still having a fun story.
I began an new adventure of creating some clip art because I was not able to find any cute 3D shape clip art so I will be back soon to share some more with you!
Happy Groundhog Day!


Elizabeth Howell said...

Congratulations! We missed you but how wonderful!

Pauline Pretz said...

First let me say Congratulations on your baby. You had much better things to take care of instead of blogging. That said I am glad you are back and thank you for my free Hersheys unit that I I won! LOVE IT.
I found your blog last summer, loved your ideas and have missed you. Glad you are back.
First Grade by the Sea

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