About Me

My name is Angie Neal. I am a full-time first grade teacher in Arizona! I have lived in AZ all my life and would not be able to call anywhere else "home".
I went to Arizona State University for my undergrad and graduate degree. I have my masters in Education Technology and while I was pursuing my Masters degree I also obtained my Reading Specialist Endorsement. 

I am in my 9th year (AHHHH!) of teaching. Before teaching first grade, I spent 6 years teaching kindergarten.  I loved kindergarten, and the thought of teaching first grade always used to scare me. The pressure to make sure your students were on the road to becoming proficient readers was daunting. However, after completing my reading endorsement, I wanted to take on that challenge and now, I am so glad I did! First grade is my LOVE! 

I began my little blog and TpT career in 2011. I am inspired by so many amazing teachers who share their ideas through blogging. I blog-stalked many great teachers for a few years, then finally decided to begin sharing my ideas. Over the last few years, I feel like I have become such a better teacher because I have been able to collaborate online with so many talented and inspiring educators out there.

Creating highly engaging classroom materials for CORE content has become my passion. My CORE math units have helped so many kinder and first grade teachers across the nation implement the new CORE standards. I am inspired when I read teachers positive feedback and thrilled that I am making a difference in classrooms beyond my own.

When I am not teaching, I am a busy wife and mom. My husband is an amazing guy that I am thankful for everyday. He is the total opposite of me and I think that is what makes us work. He has so many traits that I admire but what I admire most is that he is a great dad. 

I have two amazing girls that I simply adore. My oldest daughter is in kindergarten and my "baby" is one. I love watching them learn and grow. These two girls are my world!

Thank you for taking some time to get to know me. If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I will get back to you OR you can email me at fallintofirst@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Thank you for allowing for the free download of David Goes To School at TPT. I loved the idea and I'll will look at your account to see what other creative response to literature activities you have created. Thanks once again!

Emily Liscom said...

Angie, Your blog is absolutely beautiful! I love it. Nicely done <3!!!

Anonymous said...

Could I possibly pay you to make me a 'David Learns the School Rules' with my name? Can you please email sokolik@bellsouth.net

Thank you so much!!

Anaïs Remy said...

Hello! I'm also a primary school teacher for 6-year-old pupils (In France that's called Cours Préparatoire). Next Friday, we are going to celebrate our 100th day of school and by losing me in the labyrinth of Pinterest, I found your website. So if you have celebrated or if you are going to celebrate it, I hope it was or will be a fabulous day for you and all the children !
Sorry for the english mistake(s)..
Kisses from Paris.

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