First Grade Brain Juice

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The first day of school will be here soon and so the planning begins. The first day is so crucial. I want my new firsties to have lots of fun but we also need to spend time learning our rules and procedures. We begin our day with a welcome and then we spend some time learning to unpack. We talk about our schedule for the day (they all just want to know when lunch is) and now the first hour of our day is GONE. 

We then move into our Scavenger Hunt so we can make First Grade Brain Juice. We need to switch our brains from kinder brains to new and improved first grade brains and this stuff can make that happen! (The kids LOVE this activity and they talk about it all year.)

We begin our scavenger hunt with a letter from Brian the Brain. The letter welcomes the kids to First Grade and provides them instructions for our scavenger hunt. Attached to the letter is Clue 1. We read the clue, discuss the riddle and try to figure out where we should go. Once we agree on the answer to the riddle we use our iPads to scan the QR Code to be sure we are headed in the right direction. 

When we reach Location 1 a bag filled with one ingredient and the next clue is waiting. As we travel through each clue we are collecting all the items needed to make our First Grade Brain Juice and the anticipation is building. 

Clue 7 leads up back to our classroom where students will cut-and-glue the sequence of our hunt.  (This allows time for me to prep the Brain Juice.) When it's time to drink our juice, I encourage them to drink it fast because if it starts hurting (brain freeze) it is working! - I LOVE First Graders! 

The kids have a BLAST with this activity and I am thrilled because we learned about important places in the school - I can now send them down the hall to the bathroom without worrying they will be lost. 

In the afternoon, we finish this activity with a graphing sheet included in the packet. Click on the picture below to check it out!

I had a request for a Second Grade Version click on the link to see it! 


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