BEE Folder

Monday, June 4, 2012

I am back! My poor blog has been so neglected the last couple months. Life has been CRAZY, particularly my life at work! We have had tons of changes are our school in the last month and I am slightly overwhelmed.  As I go through Spaulding training this summer and prepare to make some major curriculum changes next year I have decided to instead focus on what I CAN prepare for next year. 
The theme in our first grade class is bees, so my students have a B.E.E. Folder (Bring Everything Everyday). It is a white three ring binder. This is the front cover of the folder and the back contains directions. 
  Inside the left pocket is labeled with "Take Home Papers". Students put a hole-punched homework packet and newsletter in their folders each Monday and their homework packet is due on Friday. 

We also use this folder to communicate daily behavior. This a picture of what we use as our behavior chart in class. Every student begins on green for the day. If necessary they move to yellow or red. The blue flower is for students who make great choices.  

Students color their "BEE-havior Chart" each day to represent the color they earned. I sign each chart at the end of the day when students are packing up. If a child earns a yellow or red I attach an "Uh-Oh" note to the parents explaining the incident.  I require students to have a parent sign the behavior chart daily. 

I ask parents to provide a zipper pouch in the BEE folder to hold students "Buzz Bucks". If students earn a green light for the day, they earn one Buzz Buck. If a students earns a blue light they get $2. (Red or yellow earns no money) Students are responsible for keeping their money safe, I do not replace lost money. Every Friday I open treasure box and students can choose to shop for $5, $10 and $20 prizes. 
The final item in the BEE folder is each students current word list. I use the Frye high frequency word list. Each list has 50 words on it, when a student can read the entire list their parent must sign it. When it is returned to school they read the list to me and I give them $5 in Buzz Bucks (this is MAJOR motivation), and provide them with the next list. There are 20 lists total to take students through 1000 words. I find it very useful to have so many lists to challenge the higher level students. 

If you are interested in using the BEE folder in your classroom you can get it here. If you have any questions please email me at Also, if you have a different theme in your room and would like me to create materials for your theme, contact me, I may be able to help :)


CareBear said...

I used your BEE take home folder to create my own. I called it SELVA in Spanish for Rainforest and it turns out in English I can say Ready in First with the Rainforest compound word sounds. In Spanish it turns out exactly each letter, translates as a challenge "if you are ready we learn. Si estas listo/a vamos a aprender. Thank you for your ideas to get me started on my first week and stay going.

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