Student Treasures

Friday, March 30, 2012

Wow! We finished in time for our publishing date, whew! 
Our class just mailed our Student Treasures Class Book! We based our book on Todd Parr's book "The Peace Book" (I LOVE TODD PARR!!) 
I read Todd's book to the kids and asked them to think of what peace is to them and they came up with such inspiring and cute ideas. Each child then gets their own page to draw a picture on and their own writing page. I took a couple pictures of some of their pages to share with you. 
The cover of our book, I drew this.
"Peace is thinking about someone you love."
"Peace is taking a nap."
"Peace is giving your mom and dad a hug."
"Peace is helping someone who needs help."
"Peace is living in the United States."
"Peace is being happy being me."
"Peace is riding bikes with my brother."
My page..."Peace is watching your first graders
blossom like beautiful flowers."
Too cute, right! My students amaze me! 
(Sorry I had to blur their picture in the bottom left hand corner.) 
Once every child has finished their page, you send an order form home and if every parent returns the order form the class gets their book bound FOR FREE! Parents do not have to purchase a book to get a free book for the class, parents just need to check "yes" and include payment or "no" and sign it and return it. (The books cost parents about $19 but they are amazing, they are beautiful hardbound full color books, so worth it!)
ALSO...Student Treasures chooses a few books each year and gives teachers scholarships! Two years ago our class won a $100 scholarship! It was so exciting! 

When I taught kindergarten we did Todd Parr's book "It's Okay to Be Different". I will dig that out and post some pictures of what my kinder kiddos did. That book is AMAZING too! 

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